I hate Asda.

I think my email to them illustrates why…


I’m contacting you in regards to the very poor service I have received from Asda Direct.

I ordered a food processor on January 7th. It was to be delivered on the 28th, a disappointing 2 weeks later. I waited in all day and was called at 17:20 to say the item was no longer in stock and I would be refunded for the item. It’s unclear if I’ve received the item plus postage or just the item as I’m disabled and unable to check.

As soon as I was able I contacted your customer service team, as documented below. I was advised the item was not in stock. I should perhaps purchase a cheaper, less versatile food processor (that does not fit the needs of my family) and forwarded a voucher.

However, the item is in stock. You have just returned it to your original price.

On pointing this out I was basically told tough luck. Plus it seems the voucher is for George. So cannot even be used on electrical items.

Having consulted several large groups on Facebook, many people share my outrage. To the point that someone kindly scoured the Internet and provided me with this email, some telephone numbers, and great advice as to how to spread the word to the masses on what’s happened.

It seems very much like Asda had a quota for how many sale items to sell, when that was hit the unlucky customers, such as myself, were let down.

Let me ask you this. Why was my item not reserved as soon as I purchased? In this day of technology that’s not difficult. Amazon does this and also lets you know within 48 hours if items aren’t available. Which brings me on to my next question. Why was I not informed sooner? Thus giving me the opportunity to purchase elsewhere. Why was I told it was still out of stock when it was clearly on sale? Why was I given a (useless) voucher for George when my purchase was clearly electrical? Would I have been lucky enough to receive my item had I shelled out for express delivery? I believe I would.

I asked on the phone, originally, not to be refunded and to wait and get the item when it came back into stock. I was told this wouldn’t be happening within the foreseeable future. I had no choice. The refund had been put through.

As a company you have failed at every turn. You have broken our contract of sale and left me in a position I now cannot afford an item of the same calibre as the sales are over. I also cannot cook for my family, something I was greatly looking forward to.

I was incredibly excited to receive my purchase. As a disabled person, it is not just another gadget to me. It was my opportunity to regain some use within the home and give myself some self respect. I only purchased from yourselves, and shelled out the ridiculous postage, because I felt I could trust you more than other companies. Apparently not.

So, I am asking you. Do you think this treatment of a long valued customer is ok? Are you proud of your company? Is causing your customers disappointment and upset ‘all part of the service’?

I asked if Asda would honour the price I first purchased at, seeing as I didn’t choose to cancel the transaction, it was thrust upon me. I was told no. Not a chance. So much for ‘Asda price’.

So what am I to do? Other than spread the word on this debacle and advise everyone I possibly can how well you value your customers. (Yes, that was sarcastic).

Yours, with a complete lack of faith in you,

My name.

*The moral of the story? Small things are a big deal when your life revolves around hospitals, pain relief and bed!!


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