Just call me Mrs Doolittle.

Obviously the main sources of joy and comfort in my life are my kids and my husband. But aside from them I get a lot of happiness from spending time with my pets.

From a young age I’ve always had an affinity with animals. I remember once being in an airport in Zante where birds had taken residence inside. I put a few crumbs of food on my shoulder and a sweet little bird hopped on, soon after it was eating out of my hand. Literally. Another little encounter was on Gibraltar. Everyone was putting their hand towards one particular ape, who would shake it. I thought I’d give it a go. With me however, he didn’t shake my hand, he gently grabbed on and crawled up my arm! I was walking round with him for a few minutes before he crawled off, and scratched his balls in appreciation. So not only have I always loved animals, they seem to quite like me.

Fast forward to today and my home where we have three furry members of the family. The first to come along was ‘Titch’ (aka Titchy-waah), so named because he was tiny.

Titch is very much a softie. He loves hugs and cuddles and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Literally. Flies confuse and frighten him. He just wants love and attention from everyone and everything at all times. He is such a contented pup that you’ll often find him sleeping on his back, or curled in my hubby’s arms like a baby. His talents include jumping from the floor right up onto the back of the sofa, somehow managing to get on the kitchen sides, and gassing out whole rooms for hours. He’s a little bugger! But we love him.


Next came the cats, Mickey and Minnie. (I feel the need to point out that we didn’t name them, though I do like the irony that they’re named after mice.) Mickey (Micklemus) is very much a mummies boy. He’s my cat, and he’s not afraid to show it. He will lie with me all day when I’m stuck in bed, and has recently started coming to tell me when it’s bedtime at night. His favourite place to be is snuggled in bed, preferably with his bum in my face. He does not like Titch. Not one bit. However he has started venturing into the room on an evening, so fingers crossed there may be a truce on the cards.


Finally there’s Minnie (Minnimus), the other woman. Minnie is a complete floozy and is infatuated by my hubby. She purrs round him and constantly wants snuggles and kisses. (I’m not jealous at all that the cat gets more kisses than me. I don’t know what gave you that impression?) It is ONLY when my husband is with the dog that she will begrudgingly come for a cuddle off me. Oh and breakfast time, she gets REALLY affectionate at breakfast time. Honestly, I feel a little used by Minnie, but I love her all the same.


So that’s my pets. My little furry companions, who give me endless smiles and comfort without even realising they’re doing it.